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CforCSR© is an

E-learning and Certification platform

CforCSR© is an E-learning and Certification platform.

Its purpose is the training of students in Corporate Social Responsibility, and the certification of the knowledge thus acquired.

  • The Training element includes training modules for the fundamental aspects of CSR: articles, videos, books and practical case scenarios.
  • The Certification element is a test, which permits the award of a score in confirmation of the level of acquisition of key concepts associated with CSR. 

Developed for higher education students, the CforCSR© platform breaks down the three pillars of CSR into the fundamental skills to be acquired by a responsible manager, who must be capable of combining economic performance, social equity and respect for the environment.

Elearning and certification
CforCSR© is a...

Unique and Innovative platform

CforCSR© is a platform:  


Content (question tests, videos, articles, scenarios, etc.) can be adapted to the circumstances of your training. Your logo, and the background style of the platform, can be customized, as can any communications associated with the project.


Modular format

Training modules can be administered and delivered to participants on an independent basis, over specified periods. The certificate can also be issued independently of the TRAINING course.



the knowledge of candidates is tested by means of questions on articles and videos, together with case simulations derived from practical cases and adapted to the context of your training. Reference books complete the facilities available for training and the acquisition of knowledge. The 3 pillars of CSR are embodied in each of these training media, which go to make up the 12 modules of the TRAINING course.

CforCSR unique and innovative platform
The pedagogical concept

The constituent elements of CSR skills

For companies, it is now essential to recruit responsible managers, who are capable of meeting the challenges associated with overall performance: economic, social and environmental. This key dimension of management is treated on the CforCSR© platform as a professional skill to be trained and developed. 

For the development and evaluation of this professional skill, CforCSR© addresses the 3 dimensions of expertise: knowledge, practical ability and interpersonal skills.

  • Knowledge involves a grasp of basic theoretical concepts: definition of key concepts or theoretical models associated with the 3 elements of CSR (social, environmental and economic);
  • Practical ability involves practical skills, and tools to be deployed in professional practice: legal texts, labels, key processes and reference resources associated with the 3 elements of CSR;
  • Interpersonal skills involve attitudes and behaviors to be developed or encouraged under practical circumstances, in everyday management situations.
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